Atomic SubFrame Mask (Twin Lense)
Atomic SubFrame Mask (Twin Lense)
Atomic SubFrame Mask (Twin Lense)

Atomic SubFrame Mask (Twin Lense)

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Atomic SubFrame Mask (Twin Lense)

The Atomic Aquatics Subframe Diving Mask is a premium dive mask with an internal frame design, which increases the masks strength while keeping it low bulk. The SubFrame has metal sections to the frame which makes it one of the strongest dual-lens masks available.

Who’s the SubFrame For?
The Subframe Mask is a high-quality dive mask for divers who want a tough dive mask, with Optical Grade Glass Lenses for a clear view. The Ultra-Clear Glass has fewer impurities for greater light transmission and no colour distortion.

The SubFrame Mask has an internal frame with stainless steel parts for added strength and style. An internal frame maintains the strength of a framed mask but keeps the mask size to a minimum and increases your field of view.

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Masks are an essential piece of equipment for anyone exploring the underwater world, whether through scuba diving or snorkeling. For new divers and snorkelers, selecting the right mask is crucial for comfort, safety, and a great viewing experience.

Scuba Diving Masks are designed to withstand the pressure of deeper waters and provide a clear, panoramic view of the marine life below. They are typically made of tempered glass for safety and feature a silicone skirt that seals against the face to prevent water entry. These masks are compatible with prescription lenses for those with vision correction needs.

Snorkeling Masks share many features with scuba masks but are generally lighter and designed for surface exploration. They offer a wide field of vision and are ideal for those who prefer to stay near the water's surface.

Full Face Dive Masks cover the entire face, integrating the mask and the regulator. This design allows for natural breathing through the nose and mouth, enhanced communication capabilities underwater through built-in communication systems, and often includes anti-fog technology. These masks are favored by professional and technical divers for their advanced features.

Full Face Snorkeling Masks have become popular for their user-friendly design, allowing snorkelers to breathe naturally through the nose and mouth. They cover the entire face for a wide field of vision and reduce fogging through a separate breathing chamber. However, it's important to choose models with safety features to prevent CO2 buildup.

When choosing a mask, fit, comfort, and field of vision are key considerations. A proper seal against the face is crucial to prevent water from entering the mask. For those new to diving or snorkeling, visiting a dive store for a fitting and advice on the best mask for your needs and budget is recommended.