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Fourth Element J2 Baselayer Top - Mens

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Fourth Element J2 Top - Mens

Introducing the J2 Baselayer:

Engineered for extended use under a drysuit, the J2 Baselayer sets the standard for performance, comfort, and protection in extreme diving environments. Designed with innovative features and advanced technology, the J2 Baselayer ensures optimal moisture management, thermal protection, and antimicrobial defense for prolonged dives.

Product Specifications:

  • Silver Ion Technology: The J2 Baselayer incorporates silver ion technology for outstanding antimicrobial performance. Silver ions embedded within the fabric fibers prevent the formation of bacterial cell membranes, reducing the risk of skin infections during long, repetitive wear.

  • Superior Wicking Properties: Designed to wick perspiration away from the skin, the J2 Baselayer maintains a dry zone next to the skin, enhancing thermal protection and comfort. Even when wet, the fabric efficiently moves moisture away from the body, ensuring optimal performance in the event of a suit flood.

  • Developed for Extreme Expeditions: Originally developed for the J2 caving expedition, the baselayer has been rigorously tested under extreme conditions. Tested for 19 days, 24 hours a day, the J2 Baselayer delivers reliable performance in the most demanding environments.

  • Comfort-Optimized Design: Enjoy maximum next-to-skin comfort with the J2 Baselayer's soft waistband and flat seams. The lightweight and compact design ensure minimal bulkiness under the drysuit, allowing for unrestricted movement and flexibility during dives.

Experience Extreme Performance:

Whether you're exploring deep caves or embarking on extended drysuit dives, the J2 Baselayer provides the ultimate combination of comfort and performance. Stay dry, comfortable, and protected throughout your underwater adventures with the J2 Baselayer by your side.

Perfect for Extended Diving:

Engineered for the demands of extended drysuit diving, the J2 Baselayer offers unmatched moisture management, thermal insulation, and antimicrobial defense. Dive deeper, stay longer, and explore further with the J2 Baselayer as your trusted companion.

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Last updated: 4/9/2023

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