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Fourth Element J2 Baselayer Top - Mens

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Fourth Element J2 Top - Mens

The Fourth Element J2 Top has a simple, close fitting design with flat seams for next to skin comfort offers the perfect solution under any drysuit underwear. This top is not only easy to don, it has good aesthetics and is extremely comfortable thanks to excellent all-way stretch fabric and flat seams.

Background to the Fourth Element J2 Baselayer

Designed for extended use under a drysuit, the J2 Baselayer provides outstanding wicking properties combined with anti-microbial performance. Wicking perspiration away, the J2 maintains a dry zone next to the skin. Air is a better insulator than water and consequently, the baselayer ensures better thermal protection. These properties come into their own when the fabric gets wet as water is wicked away, and with the right combination of drysuit underwear, further away from the fibres of the undersuit.

The J2 was specifically developed for the US Deep Caving Team’s 2013 expedition to explore the Cheve cave system in Mexico, meaning the anti-microbial silver ions embedded within the fibres of the fabric are tried and tested. The J2 enables long, repetitive wear without the risk of skin infections, something which was critical on the US Team’s expedition.

Silver ions are incorporated into the fibres when they are manufactured and cannot be washed off. The silver ions stop the formation of bacterial cell membranes, preventing most bacteria from growing in the fibres, however will not adversely affect the naturally occurring bacteria on the skin itself.

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