Ocean Reef Aria Classic
Ocean Reef Aria Classic

Ocean Reef Aria Classic

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Ocean Reef Aria Classic

The "Classic" Aria is the descendant of our first OCEAN REEF brand FFSM. It's simple, yet beautiful, available in 2 sizes and 2 color options. The comfortable elastic fabric strap is super soft & gentle on your hair, while firmly holding the mask in place. Easy breathing through your nose & mouth allows you to enjoy all the beautiful moments in the sea.

No Fogging

Goodbye defoggers, hassles and lost opportunities to see the fish of a lifetime. Aria’s breathing circulation inside the mask’s frame guarantees no fogging and no extra stress.

Breathe through your nose and mouth, naturally!

Goodbye jaw discomfort, goodbye difficult breathing and goodbye water in your snorkel. For good. With Aria you breathe through your nose, while the dry top prevents water from getting in the snorkel. Now your mouth is free to say: WOW!


Aria has the largest field of vision of any mask out there. With the new added lights colors, you will have the brightest experience ever!

All Ocean Reef Full Face Snorkeling Masks:

  • Original FFSM manufacturer with over 1 million masks safely in use.
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy.
  • Safe. Patented. Original. Fresh air, breathing technology.
  • Exceeds CO2 safety guidelines. Independently tested and confirmed by Italcert, an ISO certified laboratory.
  • Only brand with patented 2-way Radio Snorkeling Communication System.
  • 70+ year history of designing and manufacturing full face mask product for scuba, snorkeling, military and space applications.
  • 4 sizes to fit all faces, from kids to adults.

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