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PADI Speciality Instructor

Being a PADI Specialty Instructor will enable you to teach areas of personal interest, meaning a more enjoyable and varied work life. It will also allow you to teach specialised areas of diving that are popular, meaning more work and increased income potential.

Why hold Instructor Speciality Ratings?

Every professional should want to continue their own development.  Expand your ability to teach different courses means you can not only upsell courses to your students but you can show true understanding of the skills and deliverables within a course but most importantly be able to articulate WHAT YOU DO and HOW YOU deliver a course and tailor make it for that particular student.

Remember PADI provides the framework for a course but how you deliver it is entirely up to you.. your job is to make the course a GREAT course, one of a high quality, that is fun and informative, leaving the student wanting to go and apply those skills maybe in a new environment but most importantly enthused for our fabulous sport.


Being able to stand out from all of the other instructors who are applying for positions is one of the most important things to getting that paying job you want. A large number of dive centres, especially those whose main income stream is training will ask their Instructors to be a Master Scuba Diver Traineras a minimum. This gives dive centre’s more flexibility in the courses and services they offer, with the knowledge that all their Instructors hold a minimum of 5 PADI Specialty Instructor rating

Personal Development

We have already talked about this above.  In simple terms taking PADI Instructor specialty training courses will further your knowledge & skills as both an educator and a diver.

Job Satisfaction

Variety is the spice of life.  Teaching people to clear a mask or hover for the first time is rewarding but doing it day in, day out is boring. If you plan to be in the dive industry for the long haul then ensuring a varied working life is important and to do this you need to be certified to teach a wide range of PADI courses. Mixing things up and having a nice varied teaching schedule is going to mean you love your job even more than you do right now!

Why complete your Speciality Instructor training with our onsite Course Director?

Yes, you can apply directly to PADI but then you miss out on so much - who mentors you? - how do you validate your ideas? yes you can trial and error but that is not fair on your students who want to learn new skills with an exciting and interesting instructor - they do not want a bland course.  After all any jobbing instructor can do that.

By working with us you will be mentored to develop a high quality and highly sought after course

What this means you get from your Speciality Instructor Course with our onsite Course Director and IDC Staff Instructors are:​

  • We will work with you to show you
    • How to teach your chosen speciality course, a skill is a skill, its about the value added that keeps bringing customers back to you for their training.
    • How to you to organise, promote and conduct your chosen speciality course(s)
    • How to link your chosen speciality with other courses within the PADI training program
  • We help you to understand the key aspects and how to work with a student to avoid potential issues before they happen. 
  • Flexibility and personalised training programs or those PADI Instructors short on time or unable to fit their busy schedules in with any advertised dates.
  • Ongoing mentoring - We will be here to help and guide you through your early speciality courses
  • Develop your ideas for promoting and marketing that speciality, no ideas no worry, we will provide you with ideas and discuss what has worked for Dive Rutland, what didn't and why... Just because it did not work for Dive Rutland, does not mean it will not work for you.  Things like location, clientele all make a difference to what does and does not work
  • An instructor can become a speciality instructor with a Course Director after 10 logged dives and not the 25 if you apply directly

What do I need to Start?

Be a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor or higher or enrolled on an IDC with our Course Director - Note that qualifying certifications from other diver training organisation may apply
Have ten experience dives in each particular Specialty Rating enrolled onto if a diving speciality
Certain Instructor Specialities require you to hold the speciality i.e Enriched Air


You will need to have the Instructor Guide for each speciality, we can obtain for you if required
All Diving Equipment required to allow you to undertaken an open water or pool session if required


Due to the flexible nature of the courses pricing is variable dependent upon the specialties being taught.

When do these run?

You will rarely find these courses scheduled on our calendar.

Generally they are run on a bespoke basis.

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

If you as an instructor hold Five Instructor speciality Ratings and have achieved 25 diver certifications then you can apply to become a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and then onto Staff Instructor

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