PADI Staff Instructor Course

PADI Staff Instructor Course

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PADI Staff Instructor Course

Here at Dive Rutland, we believe that all professionals should progress with their own professional development

Why not become a PADI Staff Instructor?

It is a great role to have, one of mentoring and tutoring those individuals looking to progress with their own development

Wby complete your PADI Staff Instructor Course with us?

There are many reasons why you would want to take a PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course with us.

  1. We practise what we preach
  2. Everything is about Positive Coaching - no finger wagging - no finger to the head to signify Remember.
  3. You will certainly pick up tips on how to improve your own teaching
  4. You will get new inspiration and motivation to bring new ideas into your teaching
  5. If time is of the essence, then flexibility is our middle name - the dry elements such as Course Orientation and Exams can be done virtually at a time to suit
  6. No coaching of skills kneeling but all naturally buoyant - that true diving position. Want to see the skills done Naturally Buoyant? have a look at our YouTube Channel
  7. We are fun and practise what we preach - want to see it all in action then choose to shadow a member of the Dive Rutland professional team
  8. You will be qualified to teach PADI Assistant Instructor courses
  9. You will be able to assist on future PADI Instructor Development Courses
  10. You will get a step further towards PADI Master Instructor and maybe then onto Course Director

What do I need to start the PADI Staff Instructor Course?

  1. Be 18 years or older
  2. Be certified as a diver for at least six months
  3. Be a Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  4. PADI diver’s medical signed by a physician within the last 12 months. To work in the UK you will need an HSE divers medical
  5. Emergency First Response Instructor
  6. Agree to use the PADI System and its components in their entirety

What Equipment Do I need for the PADI Staff Instructor Course?

  • Full set of diving equipment including suitable exposure suit - For pool and open water
  • Latest version of the PADI Instructor manual, which is downloadable from your PADI Pro account

What Materials do I need / use during the PADI Staff Instructor Course?

Over and above those listed above, you will need the IDC Staff Instructor Crewpack, which includes:-

  • Digital Course Director Manual
  • IDC Evaluation Training Video
  • Confined and Open Water Evaluation Slate - plastic
  • Skill Development Preparation Slate - plastic
  • Skill Evaluation Slate - plastic
  • PADI Backpack

which we can supply for you.

Course Content

On this course you focus on consolidation of your evaluation and POSITIVE COACHING techniques originally learnt on our Instructor Development and / or Assistant Instructor courses.

But you might be saying I did not do either course with Dive Rutland - well do not worry as time will be spent covering these aspects in a theoretical and VERY PRACTICAL way.. nothing like practise to consolidate any learnings.

We have two different package options for you to choose from:-

Package 1 - Three Day Staff Instructor Course

A pre-assessment will be undertaken of your dive theory and in water dive skills but we can do the dive theory virtually.

You will spend three days with us, discussing the psychology of how people learn and showing how to teach, coach and mentor in three key areas

  1. In the Classroom
  2. In Confined water
  3. In Open water

You’ll learn how to evaluate people in each of these areas, but more importantly you’ll learn how to critique them and provide feedback in an interactive and positive manner.

Of course, once you have taken the 3 day PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course, we think it makes sense to then attend one of our Instructor Development Courses as a certified PADI IDC Staff Instructor. You can then see how all of the techniques are put into place, and you’ll see how quickly the IDC Candidates gain the confidence to give effective and professional presentations.

Package 2 - Two Days followed by sitting in on a Full Instructor Development Course

Part 1 -A pre assessment will be undertaken of your dive theory and in water dive skills but we can do the dive theory virtually and then spend the rest of the time discussing the psychology of how people learn and showing how to teach, coach and mentor in three key areas

  1. In the Classroom
  2. In Confined water

Whilst getting comfortable with mentoring and coaching the next generation of professionals and the PADI critique criteria

Part2 -You will then join the PADI IDC Candidates on their course. Even though you’ve done your IDC before, the teaching techniques for teaching in the Classroom, Pool and Open Water will bound to have undergone some significant changes.

We are continually researching into how people learn, studying the latest teaching psychology and incorporating all of that into our courses.

If you’ve already done an IDC with us, you’ll know that our IDCs are filled with tips and tricks to get your student to learn quickly. Instructors are encouraged to “Teach less”and instead “Allow people to learn”

After completing Part 1, you will have been updated with the latest teaching methods. You will have learnt how to evaluate the IDC candidates. You’ll learn how to score them, and you’ll learn how to critique them, using positive coaching techniques.

The way that people are spoken to is very important, and linked very closely with the speed of their progression and most importantly you will be working alongside the IDC candidates, giving them encouragement and support.

By sitting in on a IDC you will get to observe the organisation, communication and preparation for an IDC, as well as auditing all training, evaluation and counselling sessions.

Cannot sit through an entire IDC? Not to worry you can audit missed sections at subsequent IDCs.

During this course, you’ll learn the true value of the “Power of Words” AND all using Positive Coaching methodology

Every single person who has attended the PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course has told us how valuable the course has been to them, and how much it has changed their own teaching.

Any Other Costs

  • Not included is the Entrance fees for open water site and personal travel costs
  • The Staff Instructor Application to PADI which is directly payable to PADI - £109.20
  • IDC Staff Instructor Crewpack - offers applicable if completing this course with us

Anything Else I should know about the PADI Staff Instructor Course?

Drinks - Tea, Coffee, hot chocolate, squash and water are provided throughout the classroom sessions, along with homemade cakes

All participants get a Stamford Notebooks notepad, to allow you to make those all important notes

Students who want to become PADI divers must first complete the mandatory course documentation. Known medical conditions are required to be declared and notified to your Instructor prior to any in-water activity. A doctor's confirmation of fitness to dive if answer you to any medical condition on the Medical Statement. You can check out here:

PADI Medical Statement

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I cannot rate Dive Rutland high enough. Tracey, Bridget and all the team have shown me unending patience and understanding and I have got my open water certification. Thank you to you all for sharing your knowledge and tips. Can't wait to start my next course.

Carrie Spence

Northampton, UK


We are lucky to have a top notch Dive school on our doorstep in the form of Dive Rutland, My thanks to Bridget my instructor for her endless enthusiasm both in the theory and the practical applications of diving. Then to Tracey again for your skill and excellent support and for putting together a great community of divers who have helped and supported us.

Trikes of Bytham

Bytham, UK


Friendly, professional and committed to ensuring you get the best diving training and diving experiences, whilst upholding the highest of standards. Tracey and her team offer everything you need from newbie to experienced diver. Highly recommended.

Joanna Aitkens

Leicester, UK


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Los Angeles, CA


Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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Los Angeles, CA


Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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Los Angeles, CA