Tusa Optical Lens (M2004/M-211) available at Dive Rutland

Tusa Optical Lens (M2004/M-211)

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Tusa Optical Lens (M2004/M-211)

Tusa Optical Lens (M2004/M-211) can be inserted into the M2004 Intega mask as well as M-211 Freedom One mask. Available in 0.5 diopter increments from -1.0 to -8.0 for left and right lenses.

Compatible Masks: M2004, M2004QB, M-211, M-211QB.


Lenses that are called "minus power lenses" (or "minus lenses") reduce the focusing power of the eye. By doing this a minus lens moves the focus of the light in a nearsighted eye from a point in front of the retina backward so it falls directly onto the surface of the retina.

NOTE: Please make sure that you add both a RIGHT and LEFT Lens to your basket if you both eyes require a prescription lens.

Simply order your mask and optical lenses together and we will fit them for you. We always recommend trying on the mask to make sure it fits before going to the expense of getting the lenses fitted as there is a no returns policy on the masks once the lenses have been fitted.

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