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PADI Divemaster Course

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PADI Divemaster Course

And so the Adventure and your Professional Journey Begins

Everything you read, will tell you that PADI Divemaster training develops your leadership abilities, qualifying you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers, it does, but it does so so much more. It allows you to expand your CV, makes you a better person, pass on your enthusiasm for diving, as well having lots of Adventures, maybe going travelling and seeing the world or just a small part of it. Whatever it is becoming a Divemaster is more than a certification

What can PADI Divemasters do?

When you are a qualified Divemaster you will be able to have the Adventure you want including : -

  • Work at local dive centres, on live-aboard dive boats, yachts and at exotic resort locations
  • Assist PADI Instructors with students
  • Teach and certify PADI Skin Divers
  • Teach PADI Advanced Snorkeler programme
  • Conduct PADI ReActivate programmes for certified divers
  • Lead certified divers on Discover Local Diving experiences and guided dives

Why choose Dive Rutland for my Divemaster Course?

We have just the article for you have a read Why choose Dive Rutland

What will I do as part of my Divemaster Course?

In your own time complete the PADI online elearning - materials are supplied on all of our packages

During your time with us you will : -

  • Learn dive leadership through classroom, consolidate and apply the theory you have learnt as part of the online elearning and most importantly practical water sessions in the pool and open water
  • Complete the following scored water skills
    • 400m swim
    • 15-minute tread
    • 800m Snorkel swim
    • 100m tired diver tow
    • Equipment Exchange
  • Complete the following in water exercises
    • Diver Rescue
    • Dive Skills workshop - We will show you how to do all the skills TRULY neutrally buoyant, there's no kneeling here! Want to have a look at the Dive skills you will be learning to demonstrate - have a look here
  • Undertake training exercises to test organisational and problem solving abilities
  • Refine your personal diving skills
  • Work closely with members of the Dive Rutland team and your own personal mentor

What is the difference between the Dive Rutland Fast Track and Intern option?

Fast Track

This is an intensive two week course, suitable for those on a tight time frame

Intern Course

This is completed on your own schedule.  Perfect for you if you want to work with real students.  As a result it can take time to complete, but the more you put in the more you will get out!

Both Options provide: -

  • Divemaster Digital Crewpak
  • Divemaster elearning - Theory
  • Additional workshops - Working in UK and HSE
  • Divemaster Equipment Packages
  • Public Liability insurance whilst working and on a course with us
  • Training Packages available to gain additional specialiaities i.e. Search and Recovery) although available to Fast Track additional days will be required if open water dives required.

Over and above the Intern Benefits are:-

  • On the job training with real customers and students
  • Learn to fill cylinders and maintain equipment
  • Have a dedicated Mentor
  • Work with real students

Can I have a look at the Divemaster elearning even though I have not yet signed up?

Yes - click the following link Intro to Divemaster - elearning program

What do I need to start my Divemaster Course?

  • Minimum age : 18 years old (not 18 then have a look at our Junior Divemaster certification)
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or qualifying certification from another training organisation.
  • PADI Rescue Diver certification or qualifying certification from another training organisation.
  • Medical clearance signed by a physician. As a Divemaster in the UK, this will take the form of a medical from an HSE certified Diving Doctor. This is something we can organise.
  • A minimum of 40 logged dives but as a general rule, you should have sufficient diving experience to be able to focus on the students and divers under your supervision.
  • Chose whether you are completing as a fastrack or our intern route
  • Interns - As you will be working with our students you agree to an Enhanced CRB check facilitated by us.
  • Mask, Snorkel and Computer as a minimum

Do I have to have my own Dive Equipment for the Divemaster Course?

Ideally yes, but we appreciate that not all potential Divemasters' do, but it is expected that you start to build up your equipment.

The list of equipment you require is:

  • Full set of standard SCUBA equipment – Mask, fins, snorkel, BCD or Wing and regulator set with gauge
  • Air Cylinder – 2 recommended
  • Adequate Exposure protection – Drysuit
  • Dive Computer
  • Compass
  • Knife/Cutting device
  • 2 Surface signalling devices – 1 whistle and 1 DSMB
  • Slate and pencil
  • Torch

During your training with us, we will loan you equipment you do not have.

If you wish to build up your personal dive kit we have lots of equipment packages from leading dive manufacturers available to purchase.

What is in the Divemaster Digital Crewpack?

  • PADI Divemaster eLearning(digital)
  • Pro Training Log (physical)
  • DSD Instructor Cue Card (physical)
  • Divemaster Slates (physical)
  • Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving (digital)
  • ReActivate eLearning (digital)
  • eRDPML and Instructions for Use(digital)
  • Digital Instructor Manual
  • Divemaster Application

Any Other Costs?

  1. Entrance fees to training sites are not included - If you are taking the Intern route and have sections signed off AND hold an HSE medical, we are happy to work you as a member of our team which means you get the benefits which include your entrance fees being paid AND you get to work in the 'real world'
  2. Divemaster application fees to PADI

NB If you wish to work as an Divemaster then there are ongoing yearly membership fees to be paid directly to PADI in November of each year and a yearly HSE medical if working in the UK.

Articles we have written about Divemaster

  1. My Journey to Divemaster by Robert O'Rourke
  2. Next Steps after Divemaster

What are my next steps after my Divemaster Course?

After you have completed your Divemaster qualification then WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?

  1. Become a Discover Scuba Diving Leader and be able to undertake Discover Diving Sessions
  2. Become a gas blender
  3. Become a qualified compressor operator
  4. Maybe look to join our Professional team and gain more experience
  5. Work in the UK Dive Industry
  6. Work in research
  7. Work as a safety diver
  8. Become a PADI Assistant Instructor or Instructor
  9. Become an Emergency First Response Instructor and then teach Emergency First Response programmes
  10. Become a Speciality Instructor (after completing the corresponding instructor training)and teach some diving specialities such as
    1. Digital Underwater Photographer; or
    2. Any speciality course that does not include dives i.e. Emergency Oxygen Provider
  11. Go off on your travels

With 70% of the Earth covered in water, the options are endless

Students who want to become PADI divers must first complete the mandatory course documentation. Known medical conditions are required to be declared and notified to your Instructor prior to any in-water activity. A doctor's confirmation of fitness to dive if answer you to any medical condition on the Medical Statement. You can check out here:

PADI Medical Statement

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I cannot rate Dive Rutland high enough. Tracey, Bridget and all the team have shown me unending patience and understanding and I have got my open water certification. Thank you to you all for sharing your knowledge and tips. Can't wait to start my next course.

Carrie Spence

Northampton, UK


We are lucky to have a top notch Dive school on our doorstep in the form of Dive Rutland, My thanks to Bridget my instructor for her endless enthusiasm both in the theory and the practical applications of diving. Then to Tracey again for your skill and excellent support and for putting together a great community of divers who have helped and supported us.

Trikes of Bytham

Bytham, UK


Friendly, professional and committed to ensuring you get the best diving training and diving experiences, whilst upholding the highest of standards. Tracey and her team offer everything you need from newbie to experienced diver. Highly recommended.

Joanna Aitkens

Leicester, UK