Air And Gas Fills

    Air Fills

    Here at Dive Rutland we are able to offer Air Fill Services to Divers, shooters and to our Air Gun and Paintballing Friends up to 300 Bar (We also sell cylinders!).

    Our L&W compressor generates double filtered, clean breathing air to the highest standards are continuously monitored for air quality filter life electronically using an L&W "Puracon" humidity control system.

    Our filling panel is fed by 3 x 68Litre 300 bar cylinders Our air exceeds current requirements for recreational and technical diving.

    A certification of analysis is displayed in the shop at all times.

    The filling of cylinders is done under the guidelines of HSE and only cylinders conforming to these standards can be filled on site.

    They must be in test; non-diving cylinders are a five year test cycle and diving cylinders are a 2.5 year test cycle.

    Staff are fully trained with HSE regulations and hold Gas Blending Certificates which are viewable in store.All of our air is oxygen compatible.

    Enriched Air (Nitrox)

    Nitrox is available from 22 % to 99%.

    Enriched Air is available to all certified Enriched Air Divers. You will need to bring your certification with you (unless we already have a copy on file) when you come for an enriched air fill.

    As we use Partial Pressure Blending to provide the blend of your choice, your cylinder must have been Oxygen cleaned within the preceding 12 months and be labelled accordingly by a recognised service centre.

    We can NOT usually offer a while you wait service for Nitrox, this is to ensure all fills are accurately done, it takes time to achieve this.


    Oxygen can be supplied up to 200 bar (worth ringing prior to ensure our banks are able to deliver 200 bar) providing the cylinders are in test and oxygen clean.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Air Fills

    Do you do Air Fills whilst we wait?

    Absolutely, 300 bars might take us a few minutes longer but generally a maxium of 5 minutes is all it takes.

    Do you do Air Gun Cylinder Fills?

    Yes, we fill up to 300 bar as long as the cylinder is in test