EFR: Mental Health Awareness Course

EFR: Mental Health Awareness Course

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If no course is available or dates do not work for you or a group looking to place a group booking then please contact us as we will arrange courses to suit.

EFR Mental Health Awareness Course

Who is the EFR Mental Health Awareness Coursemost suitable for?

Do you know?

  1. How to spot common signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions?
  2. The societal and individual factors the can hinder recovery?
  3. What influences our mental health and wellbeing?
  4. How to recognise when you or someone you know is in mental distress?
  5. Where to access support?
  6. The ways you can improve your own resilience and wellbeing

No, then this course is for you.

Course Overview

The EFR Mental Health Awareness Course is about raising awareness of mental health issues and reducing discrimination and stigma.

Understanding how to reach out and support employees, students, neighbours, as well as the elderly and the vulnerable is more important than ever

The Mental Health Awareness course has been designed by experts with more than 50 years educational experience. All EFR Courses are instructor led, student centred and performance based with this course being designed and written in partnership with

Dr Richard Castle PhD MDA BA AFBPsS C.Psychol :

  • Mental Health and Trauma Rehabilitation Consultant
  • Director Clinical and Compliance, Grenfell Hope Project
  • Associate, The Eleos Partnership
  • Vice President, Deptherapy and Deptherapy Education UK
  • UK Advisor, Innovation for Wellbeing Foundation Bangladesh
  • Instructor, MHFA England

How long is the EFR Mental Health Awareness Course?

This course is delivered in ½ day ( 3 - 4 Hours)

What are the course pre-requisites for the EFR Mental Health Awareness Course?

Minimum Age: 16

What will I learn during the EFR Mental Health Awareness Course?

This introductory four-hour session raises awareness of mental health. It covers:

  • What mental health is and how to challenge stigma?
  • A basic knowledge of some common mental health issues
  • The way in which stigma and discrimination can hinder recovery
  • An introduction to looking after your own mental health and maintaining wellbeing
  • Confidence to help someone in distress or who may be experiencing a mental health issue

The course includes knowledge development followed by practical exercises and scenarios to develop participants’ understanding and confidence in providing support to people experiencing mental disorders.

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First Aid Words

First Aid Words

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Couldnt recommend Tracy and her team enough for a first aid course. Having to renew it every 3 years used to send me to sleep. Not with these guys! professional, up to date and with lots of toys to play with, without the death by powerpoint.

Mike Gould

Rutland, UK


Tracey was fabulous!!! Had one on one first aid training and felt very involved in the day. Thankyou!!

Sarah Jayne

Stamford, Lincs, UK


Very friendly and professional service, looking forward too my next course

Kevin Campbell

Oakham, Rutland, UK