EFR: Anaphylaxis Injector Training Course

EFR: Anaphylaxis Injector Training Course

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If no course is available or dates do not work for you or a group looking to place a group booking then please contact us as we will arrange courses to suit.

EFR Anaphylaxis Injector Training Course

Course Overview

The purpose of the EFR Anaphylaxis Injector Training Speciality Course is to provide the candidate with the knowledge of what anaphylaxis is, what causes the condition, the main symptoms, the problems and hazards of anaphylaxis and how to correctly treat using an Adrenaline auto injector.

The Anaphylaxis program includes the following

  • Introduction to First Aid
  • The definition of and causes of Anaphylaxis
  • Recognition of a minor reaction and an Anaphylactic reaction
  • Basic First Aid for a minor allergic reaction
  • Emergency First Aid treatment for a serious anaphylactic reaction
  • Training in when to administer medication for an anaphylactic reaction
  • Demonstration and practise using training units of a variety of common Adrenaline Auto-Injectors

How long is the EFR Anaphylaxis Injector Training Course?

A minimum of three hours makes up this unit consisting of theoretical and practical work.  A 1 hour version of this course can be added to any of our First Aid courses

Course Accreditation

This course is valid for 3 years from the date of completion.

What are the course prerequisites for the EFR Anaphylaxis Injector Training Course?

There are no course prerequisites

Is there an assessment to pass the EFR Anaphylaxis Injector Training Course?

No formal assessment is performed on this course, although the trainer will continually observe and monitor all candidates throughout the course, along with a multiple choice question paper. An Anaphylaxis certificate will be issued to all successful candidates, which is valid for 3 years

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First Aid Words

First Aid Words

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Couldnt recommend Tracy and her team enough for a first aid course. Having to renew it every 3 years used to send me to sleep. Not with these guys! professional, up to date and with lots of toys to play with, without the death by powerpoint.

Mike Gould

Rutland, UK


Tracey was fabulous!!! Had one on one first aid training and felt very involved in the day. Thankyou!!

Sarah Jayne

Stamford, Lincs, UK


Very friendly and professional service, looking forward too my next course

Kevin Campbell

Oakham, Rutland, UK