Cylinder Testing

    Cylinder Testing

    Diving Cylinders are required to be Hydrostatically Tested (Pressure Test) every 5 years with an incremental visual inspection every alternative 5 years. Therefore your cylinder should be tested every 2.5 years alternating between the two tests. Cylinder tests now include a valve service as part of the test process.

    Cylinders used for surface use i.e. Airguns and Paintball Cylinders need to be tested every 5 years.
    Diving Cylinders for use with Nitrox, Trimix or oxygen require to be Oxygen Cleaned annually.

    We offer a complete Cylinder Testing and Servicing service via our off-site service technicians. Not only useful for Divers but also for Airgun and Paintball Gun owners.

    We also offer competitive prices for Oxygen cleaning and other cylinder and valve services such as shot blasts and repainting.