Scuba Diving Computers

With a wide range of dive computers from top brands like Suunto, Aqua Lung, Shearwater, and Mares, we have the perfect dive computer for everyone, from beginners to seasoned technical divers.

Dive computers have revolutionised dive planning, replacing the time-consuming and complex use of dive tables. They simplify the process by calculating decompression time, nitrogen loading, and ascent rates.

Modern dive computers offer advanced features such as multiple gas settings, colour screens, adjustable conservatism levels, and customizable algorithms based on the type of diving. Technology integration is increasing, with features like wireless air integration using transmitters to display cylinder pressure and calculate remaining air time.

Dive computers come in four general types, Wrist Mounted with large screens, Console with air integration, Dive Watches for everyday use and Technical Dive Computers which include mixed gas options (trimix).