EFR: CPR and AED Course (Basic Life Support) Course
EFR: CPR and AED Course (Basic Life Support) Course
EFR: CPR and AED Course (Basic Life Support) Course

EFR: CPR and AED Course (Basic Life Support) Course

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  • Max Group size: 4 - Open Courses
  • Zero hidden costs
  • High Quality Materials included
  • Rutland First Aid Vinyl Keyring holder containing Barriers included
  • Wall Certificate
If no course is available or dates do not work for you or a group looking to place a group booking then please contact us as we will arrange courses to suit.

CPR and AED Course (Basic Life Support)

Who is the CPR and AED Course (Basic Life Support) course most suitable for?

Everyone should know basic CPR and how to use an AED you could be the difference between life and death – Make a difference.

We offer two versions of this course

  1. Regulated
  2. Non-Regulated

Regulated Option

The regulated course is aimed at workplaces who require it such as Dentists and General Practise as it meets the requirements of their professional bodies CPD

Non-Regulated Option

This is aimed at anyone who just wants to know how to undertake CPR and AED and is not being used for workplace CPD or insurance requirements

CPR Statistics

CPR can double or triple a victim's chance of survival with more that 85 percent of cardiac arrests occur at home - not a hospital. Many victims do not have a history of heart disease and appear healthy. Fewer than eight percent of those who suffer a cardiac arrest survive.

Being able to provide appropriate care quickly in an emergency situation can help reduce a patient’s recovery time and can also prevent them from having a temporary or long term disability. As a bystander, you benefit from learning how to remain calm and make informed decisions in an emergency situation.

Everyone should know basic CPR and how to use an AED you could be the difference between life and death - Make a difference.

Course Overview

It will enable students to use an AED competently and with confidence. Not only does this course cover the use of AEDs but also includes vital training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) It covers Adult, Child and Infant techniques.

Our courses concentrate on providing you with the confidence and willingness to 'have a go' with lots of hands on practise time.

The CPR and AED program includes the following skills: Regulated Skills 1 -9 / Non-Regulated (Skills as you require)

  • Skill 1 – Scene Assessment
  • Skill 2 – Primary Assessment
  • Skill 3 – Adult CPR – Chest Compressions
  • Skill 4 – Adult CPR – Chest Compressions Combined With Rescue Breaths
  • Skill 5 – Adult CPR and AED Use
  • Skill 6 – Child CPR and AED
  • Skill 7 – Infant CPR
  • Skill 8 - Adult and Child Choking
  • Skill 9 - Infant Choking

How long is the CPR and AED Course (Basic Life Support) course?

2 - 3 hours

Course Accreditation

Regulated: This course is valid for 2 years from the date of completion

Non-Regulated:   Materials (CPR and AED Manual) are not provided as part of the non-regulated option but can be purchased as an optional extra.

Is there an assessment to pass the CPR and AED Course (Basic Life Support) Course?

Regulated Course - Assessment is ongoing by the instructor in respect of the student’s practical ability, along with a multiple choice question paper.

Non regulated course - No, this is designed for those who just want to know how to do CPR and AED and maybe be that person who makes a difference in the event of a Out of hospital Cardiac Arrest.

Additional Information

If you have a group of you (min 3 - max 6 for our inhouse onsite training or max 12 if we are coming to you - yes we will come to you for no extra charge)

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First Aid Words

First Aid Words

Our team of highly experienced instructors will be on hand to guide you through every step of the way

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Couldnt recommend Tracy and her team enough for a first aid course. Having to renew it every 3 years used to send me to sleep. Not with these guys! professional, up to date and with lots of toys to play with, without the death by powerpoint.

Mike Gould

Rutland, UK


Tracey was fabulous!!! Had one on one first aid training and felt very involved in the day. Thankyou!!

Sarah Jayne

Stamford, Lincs, UK


Very friendly and professional service, looking forward too my next course

Kevin Campbell

Oakham, Rutland, UK