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Halcyon Contour Sidemount|DiveRutland
Halcyon Contour Sidemount|DiveRutland

Halcyon Contour Sidemount

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Halcyon Contour Sidemount

Halcyon Contour Sidemount came after months of collaboration with some of the world’s top sidemount divers.

The Contour™ comes from the factory as a turnkey sidemount system. This system has a unique wing-shape that moves your center of gravity farther down, accommodating the lower sidemount cylinders and making it easier to trim out for the SM diver.

The Contour™ Sidemount System also allows for a side-slung configuration for open-water divers. The unit can be used right out of the box, without the modifications that many other units on the market require.

  • Requires no bungees for wing-shape control and boasts 22.68 KG / 50 LBS of buoyancy with theContour
  • The easily dumped top OPV is located on the inside of the wing for increased protection. The enclosed over-the-shoulder OPV strings allow for easy buoyancy control, without trapping the line.
  • High-wear areas at the top of the Contour
  • Adjustable lower tank-attachment point
  • Adjustable crotch strap and cylinder bungees
  • Multiple mounting holes and 1
  • Bottom-mounted, corrugated hose with an inflator that attaches easily to chest strap or shoulder strap
  • H-style harness provides adjustable chest strap
  • Complete with four adjustable D-rings on the shoulder straps, and two D-rings on the waist strap - all configurable to the diver
  • Also included is a set of weight pocket that holds 5 lbs. (2.3kg) each, and can be mounted to the top or bottom of the Contour
  • Inflator with 52 CM / 22 IN LP hose comes standard on Halcyon wings

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