Dive and Travel Insurance

Dive and Travel Insurance

Dive Rutland has teamed up with DiveAssure and Dive Master Insurance to provide you with travel and / or dive insurance.

Why do you need Dive Insurance?

Diving is considered a safe activity, however, in the unfortunate event of a diving accident, medical expenses can reach thousands of pounds.

Why do I need Travel Insurrance?

While your diving accident policy will pay the diving related medical costs , you may incur other travel related expenses or lose;your trip investment.>

How do I choose the right insurance?

Different insurance policies have different terms and conditions. Be sure to match the type of coverage you purchase to the nature of your trip.

Which Insurance company do you recommend?

Both insurance companies we support are considered to be 'best in class'. The difference between them realistically is DiveAssure specialises in diving cover.

You need to ensure you have the right cover for you - read the small print!


DiveAssure Insurance Banner

The DiveSafe plan offers pure diving accident cover, valid in the home country and worldwide with unlimited coverage of medical and evacuation costs following a diving accident. With DiveAssure there is no depth limit for the insurance coverage, the limit is only the diver's certification. This also applies to special types of diving such as cave diving, ice diving, technical diving and so on. By the way, the personal diving accident coverage protects diving professionals not only for fun dives, but also during the dives that are part of their work.

Medical coverage is comprehensive, and in the case of a diving accident, your policy will pay directly and in real-time to hyperbaric chambers and other medical facilities around the world, saving you the need to pay a large amount out of pocket. A leading team of dedicated hyperbaric medical experts will monitor your evacuation and provide supervision and consultation services to assure that you receive the suitable and most professional treatment.

They have two travel policies - Dive Travel and Dive Travel Plus

Dive Travel plans not only include diving accident coverage during the trip, but also cover for general medical emergencies, trip cancellation, trip interruption, missed connections, lost or delayed luggage and dive gear, lost diving days due to medical reasons and much more.

The difference between the "normal" Dive Travel and the Dive Travel "Plus" is the coverage amounts and the "Plus" offers additional, liveaboard related services, such as

  • Missed departure of the safari ship due to a flight delay
  • Lost diving days due to the failure of the air supply on board
  • Lost diving days due to illness of another passenger

Offerings are simple to understand and choose from, just click here to be taken through to have a look, they are an insurance company dedicated to divers.

Divemaster Insurance

Dive Master

Dive Equipment Cover

Whether you’re a sport diver, instructor, club, or dive business, Dive Master Insurance believe their dive equipment policy provides simply superior quality and a great value scuba diving equipment insurance to protect your investment.

    Which Cover is right for you?

    If you are not sure which is the best policy then Dive Master will be able to advise you further. For Recreational diving trips there are four levels of cover, all of which include IDEC (International Diving Emergency Cover) dive accident cover

    Diver Medical Insurance Only (IDEC)

    The basic level of scuba diving insurance covers the medical expenses of diving accidents only.  This policy benefits from the following key features:

    1. No depth limits (just respect your training agency's recommendations and stay within your training)
    2. Immediate Emergency Medical Expenses
    3. Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment Costs
    4. Air Evacuation / Medical Repatriation
    5. Search and Recovery
    6. Additional Transport and Accommodation (which covers you and your family)
    7. Medical costs after you return home
    8. Approved alternative therapies
    9. PFO Test costs
    10. PFO Closures if Medically Necessary
    11. Access to Diving Doctors
    12. Post Accident Dive Fitness Examinations

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    Single Trip Travel Insurance and IDEC

    This covers a single holiday trip specifically tailored to the travelling scuba diver but does allow no-diving travel companions to be added so that they are also covered by the travel insurance element of the policy. 

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      ​Annual Travel Insurance and IDEC

      If you plan on making more than one trip in the year, you might want to consider options for a full year of cover rather than paying per trip.  This type of policy offers all the advantages of the single trip option but could save you money and provide you with wider cover

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      Extended Trip Travel Insurance and IDEC

      This cover offers a lot of features of the single or annual insurance policies but is specifically tailored for divers that want to travel for six to twelve months at a time.  It is an ideal option for gap year students for instance

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      For all product advice or a no-obligation quote either click the graphic above or call Dive Master Insurance on 44 (0)1702 476902 and quote Dive Rutland

      Dive Master Insurance Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority number 306316.