PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider

PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider

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PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider

Be prepared to respond with confidence and experience to any diving situation where administering pure oxygen would be beneficial

PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course Overview

For recreational scuba divers, emergency oxygen is the primary first aid given to individuals suffering from a near drowning or decompression illness (lung overexpansion injuries and decompression sickness).

Providing emergency oxygen has become the standard of practice for treating injured scuba divers since it provides oxygen to starved tissues and aids in bubble reduction.

​Having emergency oxygen immediately available at dive locations is especially important to divers suffering from these maladies. Along with the availability 
of oxygen at dive sites, first responders must know how to provide oxygen in an emergency.

Breathe easy - knowing that you know how to recognise illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen. Being the best buddy, husband, wife or family member you can be, means being prepared – especially in a time of need.

This Speciality certification also ​counts as one of the five Speciality certifications ​required for your Master Scuba Diver certification.

What do I need to start the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course

  • Though suited for divers, this course has no prerequisites and doesn’t include dives, which means it is equally applicable to those who are around divers – boat crew, non-diving buddies, lifeguards, and shore staff. You don’t need any previous CPR or first aid training to take the course.
  • ​Minimum of 10 years old.

What Will I do during the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course?

You will learn how to:

  • Recognise diving illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen 
  • Properly set-up oxygen equipment 
  • Administer emergency oxygen 

​We can also integrate this course into your Rescue Course as an additional element during your academic sessions or as part of your Emergency First Response First Aid training course.

Materials used during the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course

As part of the course you will be provided an PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Manual and you’ll review a step-by-step explanation of when and how to provide emergency oxygen.

​You’ll also learn about safety considerations, and how to assemble and disassemble emergency oxygen equipment. The care-at-a-glance card is a quick reference guide to pack in your gear bag and review in case of an emergency.

Whats my next Adventure after the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course?

For Divers you are well on your way to ​​​Rescue Diver for non divers you now know how to diagnose the requirement to provide and be able to provide Oxygen 

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