Equipment Speciality: PADI

Equipment Speciality: PADI

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PADI Equipment Speciality

Do not miss a dive due to an equipment issue. Whether it is a blown o-ring, regulator problem, wetsuit tear or broken fin strap.

    Be prepared for basic scuba equipment maintenance, care and adjustments you will encounter every day.

    Diving Equipment YOUR Life Support system should be maintained, washed, dried and well looked after.. including regular servicing by a professional BUT there is SO much YOU can do.

    Curiosity is probably key

    • Have you ever wondered how your Scuba Cylinder is made?
    • What is involved in testing the air produced by us
    • Ever wondered what the inside of your regulator looks like?
    • Do you know your equipment well enough to undertake basic issue resolution?
    • Have you ever missed a dive because of an equipment issue?
    • Generally interested in your dive equipment and the equipment that we use as divers

    ​Then this course is for you. If you own any dive equipment then please feel free to bring along as we will use this in class to show you what you can and cannot do to maintain it in great and safe condition.

    What Do I need to Start?

    • PADI Scuba Diver, Junior Scuba Diver or above
    • Minimum Age: 10 years old

    What Will I do?

    • Review the theory, principles and operation of scuba diving equipment via PADI Elearning prior to the course
    • You will also learn how your equipment works and about routine care and maintenance procedures - The more comfortable you are with it, the better performance you get from it and the better you care for it.
    • Learn about routine, recommended care and maintenance procedures and equipment storage
    • Learn how to overcome common problems with equipment and recommended professional maintenance procedures (may include a demonstration of repair procedures)
    • Gain simple suggestions for comfortable equipment configurations and an introduction to new diving equipment
    • Be able to ask any servicing or testing questions

    How long will it take?

    Over and above the pre-read, the course is classroom based and is 1 day in length

    Any Other costs?


    Whats Next?

    Never be that customer who brings their equipment in for servicing and its full of salt, crusty and generally not happy. Go Diving and most importantly not miss a dive because something you could have done to resolve you did not know how!

    Work towards your PADI Master Scuba Diver certification and be part of the top 2% of PADI Recreational Divers - this speciality counts as one fo the five required

    Some Examples of what we have seen in servicing - do not be that person!

    Prior to any Diver training course students need to complete a Mandatory Medical Questionaire.

    Please ensure that you have read the Medical Statement and are sure that you will be able to commence any diver training PRIOR to paying as our Training Terms Conditions apply after payment has been made.

    A doctor's confirmation of fitness to dive is required if you answer YES to any medical condition on the Medical Statement.

    You can check out the Medical Statement here:

    PADI Courses:

    PADI Medical Statement

    SSI Courses:

    SSI Medical Statement

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    Diver diving an XDEEEP Wing over a wreck


    Red Sea Safari

    Our team of highly experienced instructors will be on hand to guide you through every step of the way, and to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

    Dive Trips

    Don't take our word for it


    I cannot rate Dive Rutland high enough. Tracey, Bridget and all the team have shown me unending patience and understanding and I have got my open water certification. Thank you to you all for sharing your knowledge and tips. Can't wait to start my next course.

    Carrie Spence

    Northampton, UK


    We are lucky to have a top notch Dive school on our doorstep in the form of Dive Rutland, My thanks to Bridget my instructor for her endless enthusiasm both in the theory and the practical applications of diving. Then to Tracey again for your skill and excellent support and for putting together a great community of divers who have helped and supported us.

    Trikes of Bytham

    Bytham, UK


    Friendly, professional and committed to ensuring you get the best diving training and diving experiences, whilst upholding the highest of standards. Tracey and her team offer everything you need from newbie to experienced diver. Highly recommended.

    Joanna Aitkens

    Leicester, UK