Avatar Drysuit - Dive Rutland
Avatar Drysuit - Dive Rutland
Avatar Drysuit - Dive Rutland
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Avatar Drysuit 101

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Avatar Drysuit 101

The Avatar 101 Drysuit offers all essential features you need in a proper drysuit set-up!

  • Advanced ergonomic construction that eliminates four way seams in the crotch and under arm areas, giving you unrivalled mobility in this price range.
  • Telescopic torso construction for the best body movement and adaptation under water
  • Internal suspenders and a crotch strap to keep the suit in the proper position on your body
  • Front entry, plastic zipper covered with protective flap for convenient self-donning and doffing of the suit.
  • Oxford nylon reinforcements at knees and elbows and a specially designed crotch pad to enhance the durability and prevent abrasion in those areas
  • Neoprene warm-neck collar to keep you comfortable in colder water, and to keep your hood neat around the neck area.
  • Two comfortable and spacious cargo pockets with bungee loops to secure your items. The pockets are very easy to use with dry gloves.
  • Comfortable and flexible neoprene boots, latex seals at neck and wrists, Apeks inlet and outlet valves.
  • Elegant colour combination of navy blue and black with white accents
  • Avatar comes with a handy, compact drysuit bag for easy and light transport, and a neoprene hood is included.

The Boots

Boots are important - thanks to them you can control the work of your fins under water and thermal comfort of your feet.

The suit is equipped with modern, comfortable, waterproof boots made of 3mm neoprene. The sole is reinforced from the inside with an additional insert. From the outside it is covered with a rubber sole that protects your toes and heel. The boots have a convenient tab to position the fin strap and a Velcro strap around the ankle to prevent the boots from capturing too much air.

The size of the boots was selected to match the size of the suit body construction after a detailed, practical ergonomic analysis and already contains an adequate space for a warm insole or additional pair of diving socks.

The Pockets

Practical, spacey pockets in the right size should be useful for any diver who wants to be properly secured underwater. You should fit in your pocket anything you might need, including an alert marker, a reel, a wetnotes, a spare mask, or any other accessories that may be unexpectedly useful. In Avatar you get two comfortable and spacious technical pockets with bungee loops for attaching small items to the bolt snap, and with eyelets for draining water. The pockets are ideally suited for opening in dry gloves, as at the end of the flaps have a special gripper and a wide Velcro closing for securing the pockets closed.

The Finish

Avatar is reinforced on the knees, crotch, elbows and buttocks with a thicker nylon Oxford fabric (a special weave of fibres), which serves to protect areas more exposed to abrasion or puncture.

Waterproof plastic zipper at the front, whose location is extremely important for self-donning and doffing the suit, is covered by a pleat protecting the teeth of the zipper against sand or dirt. Latex neck seal is protected by neoprene insulation, which also serves as an overlap on the collar of the neoprene hood.

Inside the suit there are braces, which allow you to keep the suit in the right position on the body after putting on the undersuit. Avatar is maintained in matching, elegant colours of navy blue, black and white. You will look great in it.

Each suit that comes out of the production line is specially checked for full water tightness, precision of craft and finish. Each one is cleaned and packed with the user in mind.

The Fabric

The fabric in the AVATAR is not a random choice. Thanks to it, the suit is extremely lightweight, functional and last, but not least - it looks great.

Innovative, breathable, four-layer membrane material with a weight of 200 g/m2 allows vapor-permeability from the inside thanks to the pores of the membrane and water tightness from the outside, thanks to its funnel-shaped construction. From both sides the membrane is covered with nylon, that dries very quickly. It is especially appreciated when during a dive interval or after a dive day you want your suit to be dry as soon as possible.

Thanks to this fabric an Avatar weighs less than 3 kg, it is easy to roll up and compactly pack to take it anywhere with you.

What more would you like in a drysuit?

Interested in a drysuit but not sure if this one is the right one for you, then have a look at our other options here.  Still not sure or would like some advise then give us a ring, drop us an email and we will be happy to help

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