Club Trip Report - Farnes November 2022

Club Trip Report - Farnes November 2022

Dive Rutland Club Trip to Farnes November 2023

So, the weekend of the 12th and 13th November started with the normal longish drive to Northumberland on the Friday, with some having longer journeys then others because when most of us were travelling from Rutland, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire we had one club member still out of the country!

Travel Sweets

When you travel you have to have travel sweets!





Tim was first to our accommodation for the weekend at Farne Lodge (Beadness House Stables, The Haven, Beadnell, NE67 5AT) in the fog.

Farnes Lodge in the Fog
When we all arrived we found out that Tim had been around all our little self contained rooms and turned on the heaters so we all arrived to warm and cosy rooms.
Serenity IIDiving was over two days with Sovereign Diving from Serenity II with Skipper Andrew and first mate Chris. 


George and sausagesEach day started with George and Georgina who travelled with us, providing us with cooked sausages for sausage baps or rolls depending on where you come from for breakfast for those that wanted them

Day one - Saturday started with flat seas and some sun, what more could we have asked for to introduce four open water divers to UK Boat diving? 
During the day we completed two shallow dives with Seals, followed by an evening meal at The Olde Ship Inn, Seahouses organised by James, so a little shoutout to James to say Thank You for doing that. 
It was nice to have everyone together for an evening of chat and entertainment.  (do you know how many slices of bread are in a loaf!  well you just had to be there for that one! - although we do have the whole episode on video!!)
On returning back to our rooms - Ben Green decided to have a drink of water (we had been provided with bottled water in our fridges on arrival).  He had inspected the seals prior to opening the bottles and had made a couple of cups of tea with it.  Spitting those cups of tea out because they 'taste disgusting' to find out when drinking 'water' it was actually vodka!
Day two - Sunday saw us opting for one scenic and one shallow seal dive.  The journey out was a total contract to Saturday.  It was chilly, misty and a little lumpy.
Did we have fun YES, did we see seals YES, did we laugh a lot YES.. that is what we call another GREAT weekend of diving with great company. 
I was recently asked why I do what I do... this is why .. watching everyone having fun and my 13 year buddy telling me "I feel really safe diving with you and you are the best buddy ever!"  I will take that...
Thanks to everyone that made this trip what it was:
George and Georgina our George Foreman grills (just in case anyone thinks we took two private chefs with us!)
To Club members: Mark Connelly, James Dames,Simon Darling,Ben Fryett, Ben Green, Dan Homewood,Pete Hotchkin-Jones, Tracey Roberts, Harry Simmons, Tim Sleight, Shannon Sutton, Bridget Weid.
A short video of our weekend can be viewed on our YouTube channel here
If you want to have this much fun then come and join our club