So you are a Divemaster, now what?

So you are a Divemaster, now what?

First, congratulations on becoming a PADI Professional! Now, are you ready for the next challenge? YES?! 

Why did you choose to 
become a Divemaster?  Was it the personal challenge? Was it that you have a career in mind? Whatever the reason, it is  "Well Done and go for it", here at Dive Rutland,  we wish you well and are here if you want any help or guidance.

Below we have given you just a few ideas of what you could do moving forward, there are many more.

There are so many things you can undertake as a Divemaster

Guiding Certified Divers and Assisting Instructors with Courses

That is the most common way of using your newly acquired dive skills. Whether it’s a part-time job , seasonal adventure in the tropics, or a full-time position in a dive center, your main focus is to give an underwater tour to already certified divers or help instructors with the logistics and student's supervision. 

Here in the UK an instructor can not work without a certified assistant as we work under Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Continue with your Professional Education

You could do your Discover Scuba Diver Leader uplift or take the step to Assistant Instructor or straight to Instructor.  Here at Dive Rutland with our Professional staff and Course Director you can take any step you like.

Taking those next steps increases your chances of employment and gives you many more options.  In many popular dive destinations (like Indonesia, Maldives, Honduras, Thailand) you need a special visa to be able to work and those are mostly granted to instructors. ​

Volunteer on a Marine Conservation Project

Many organisations will look for skilled, experienced divers just like you. This way you can progress your diving, gain further knowledge about marine life, and contribute to ocean conservation. Often you get food, accommodation, and of course, diving included. 

Work on a Luxury Yacht or Liveaboard and travel the world

In the last decade the growth of the ‘superyacht industry’ increased positions for Divemasters and Instructors. However, these jobs often require additional boating qualifications like the STCW95 and can involve 80 percent deckhand/cleaning/maintenance work to 20 percent diving-related work. On a plus side, it will probably be the best-paid divemaster job ever and tax-free.

Underwater Photographer

With the increased power of social media, there is a massive demand for underwater photographers. We don’t know a dive center that doesn’t have one. It’s a great source of income and the minimum required certification for that position is usually Divemaster

Work in an Aquarium

​While it might not be a dream come true for a newly graduated and excited Divemaster, you will still be surrounded by incredible marine life. It is a great option if you are still studying at university, need additional income, or are stuck in a landlocked location craving to blow some bubbles and we have instructors who have gone on to work at Aquariums such as Bear Grylls at Birmingham

Dive Retail

​As a Divemaster, you are way more experienced than most recreational divers therefore you can provide others with your expertise on dive equipment, dive trips, and dive courses. 

Dive Travel Agent

It’s sort of like a tour leader but for divers. By the time you’ve done your training, you should have an idea, how to run and supervise a dive trip. A great way to earn some extra cash and travel to top diving destinations is by organising dive trips for a group of certified divers. 

So as you can see there are many options

Next Steps

Get in touch and talk with us, let us know what it is you are trying to achieve and we will map out a training plan for YOU.

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