Advanced Open Water Diver: PADI

Advanced Open Water Diver: PADI

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PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Overview of our PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

We should never stop learning and diving is the same.  To be a better diver you need more skills and to practise the ones that you have already gained.  Learn to use different pieces of equipment and under all under the guidance and watchful eye of a Dive Rutland professional team member(s).

Maybe you have seen other divers using different dive equipment and you want to have a go, then we would advise you complete the corresponding adventure dive as part of your Advanced open water certification and see if it is for you

Most people do their Advanced to Earn a certification that allows them to dive to a maximum depth of 30 metres but depth is just a number!

It's about learning new skills, experiencing new things but to move from being guided by your instructor as per your open water but to stepping into thinking like a diver

Thinking like a diver's goal is to accelerate how fast you go from novice thinking to thinking more like an experienced diver by targeting mental skills in each Adventure Dive: planning for secondary objectives, situational awareness, managing task loading, and establishing and keeping good habits.

​It's about learning principles and mental strategies that you can apply to allow you to dive confidently.

Our Role and Goal for your Advanced Open Water Certification

Our role and goals for you in doing the Advanced Open Water certification with us are:

  • To continue to build diving competence and confidence so you continue to grow and enjoy your diving
  • Provide dives with a structured, well supervised means to sample various diving activities over and above those learnt during your PADI Open Water course
  • Provide dives with means to increase skills and experience under supervision of our experienced professionals fully compliant to all training and safety standards
  • Provide you with a taste of PADI Speciality courses
  • All dives are convenient, enjoyable and practical

What Do I need to start?

  • You need to be an Open Water Diver or equivalent
  • Aged 12 or over. 
  • ​For Junior ratings you need to be 12 -14 years old and instead of certifying to 30 metres you certify to 21 metres
  • Mask / Snorkel / Dive Computer - No Dive Computer then we will loan you one, but ALL divers should own their own dive computer and we have a number of computers in stock and some great package deals

Equipment Required

Over and above Standard Diver Equipment for this course the following items are required:-

What will I do?

To complete the Advanced open water dive you will complete FIVE Adventure Dives as standard but if you already hold two specialties completed with us, then we have just the offer for you - our PADI Advanced Openwater Diver - TWO Specialities

Two of the Adventure dives are mandatory, these are: Deep and Navigation.  After all we are qualifying you to a new depth of 30 metres, so experience that with a professional, learn the additional skills and knowledge to remain safe and then

The navigation dive - but I learnt to use a compass on my Open Water course we hear you say.. Yes you did but not really!

Now you REALLY get to use it, it's not just about being told when to turn around and go back (as per your open water) but you work out when to turn using various techniques you will learn about and you will show mastery by swimming a very large square.   You should always dive with a compass and know where you need to come back to or how to get that location on a dive where the interesting stuff is.

Then with your instructor you will choose the other three adventure dives and some of those available from us here at Dive Rutland are listed below.

Some of the adventure dives we conduct are subject to location and time of year, for example we can conduct a drift dive when we are on a trip

Please chat with us about your choices and we can advise accordingly!  As we can work with you to make future training more cost effective i.e. Wreck Diver is a four dive speciality but do the adventure dive and it becomes a three dive speciality, saving you a few pennies, and there are a few other options similar to this.

  • Coral Conservation (AWARE)

  • Delayed Surface Marker Buoy

  • Digital Underwater Imaging

  • Dive Against Debris (AWARE)

  • Diver Propulsion Vehicle

  • Drysuit Diver 

  • Enriched Air

  • Fish Identification

  • Full Face Mask

  • Night Diver

  • Peak Performance Buoyancy

  • Search and Recovery Diver

  • Self-Reliant

  • Shark Conservation (AWARE)

  • Sidemount Diver

  • Underwater Naturalist

  • Wreck Diver

Usually available only on trips or special arrangement

  • Altitude Diver

  • Boat Diver

  • Cavern

  • Drift Diver

  • Ice

*Additional costs and pool time required to learn the required pre-skills

You will certainly enjoy learning advanced skills!  Everything from using a lift bag through to managing depth.

Have fun, learn lots and become a better diver and buddy

PADI Adventure Dives can also credit towards the corresponding Specialty Diver certifications and remember you need five of those for your Master Scuba Diver qualification

When Can I Start?

You can start NOW by purchasing your e-learning and we will contact you to arrange your in water learning, but THIS IS NOT THE ONLY WAY you can start as ALL of our packages include your chosen theory element, so contact us and we can get you all booked in with dates and release your learning materials

Dive Rutland is committed to helping you learn to dive at a pace that suits you.  All of our open water diver courses start flexibly, you can start when you wish, subject to availability, as all of our schedules are built individually around you and your work/family commitments.  

​Our Open Water training days are scheduled months in advance giving us the ability to plan your course to achieve by dates that suit you


As part of your course you will undertake some pre-reading via PADI elearning (we supply)

How Long does it Take?

  • Working through the theory in your own time 

  • 2 Days in Open Water UNLESS you have some specialities then you might be able to credit those!

What Do I need to Know?

    We offer a 5% discount on any equipment that is directly related to this course and the adventure dives being undertaken i.e Compass and Knives.

    PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Our Packages

    Basic Package (£450) includes:

    • Open Water Dives - Deep / Navigation and three of your choice

    Standard Package (£550) includes:

    • Open Water Dives - Deep / Navigation / Drysuit or Peak Performance Buoyancy and two others of your choice
    • Wet Speciality - Drysuit or Peak Performance Buoyancy - involves one extra open water dive

    One more speciality towards your Master Scuba Diver Certification

    Deluxe Package (£650) includes:

    Two more specialities towards your Master Scuba Diver Certification


    Above are a number of packages / options for you, but its about what YOU want to do, not for us to tell you, our preference is for you to achieve what YOU want to achieve and we are happy to guide you to get the best way forward

    Give us a ring or pop into the shop for a chat and we can advise as it may be by making a smarter choice at Advanced you could save yourself some time and maybe money in some of your future training.

    Any Other Costs?

    Entrance fees for open water site and personal travel costs.

    What is my next Adventure after PADI Advanced Open Water Certification?

    PADI Advanced Open Water Divers of at least 15 years of age can enrol in Wreck or Deep Diver Specialty courses and continue on to the PADI Rescue Diver, maybe become a club member but most of all come diving.

    Want To Know More?

    Prior to any Diver training course students need to complete a Mandatory Medical Questionaire.

    Please ensure that you have read the Medical Statement and are sure that you will be able to commence any diver training PRIOR to paying as our Training Terms Conditions apply after payment has been made.

    A doctor's confirmation of fitness to dive is required if you answer YES to any medical condition on the Medical Statement.

    You can check out the Medical Statement here:

    PADI Courses:

    PADI Medical Statement

    SSI Courses:

    SSI Medical Statement

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    Diver diving an XDEEEP Wing over a wreck


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    Our team of highly experienced instructors will be on hand to guide you through every step of the way, and to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

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    I cannot rate Dive Rutland high enough. Tracey, Bridget and all the team have shown me unending patience and understanding and I have got my open water certification. Thank you to you all for sharing your knowledge and tips. Can't wait to start my next course.

    Carrie Spence

    Northampton, UK


    We are lucky to have a top notch Dive school on our doorstep in the form of Dive Rutland, My thanks to Bridget my instructor for her endless enthusiasm both in the theory and the practical applications of diving. Then to Tracey again for your skill and excellent support and for putting together a great community of divers who have helped and supported us.

    Trikes of Bytham

    Bytham, UK


    Friendly, professional and committed to ensuring you get the best diving training and diving experiences, whilst upholding the highest of standards. Tracey and her team offer everything you need from newbie to experienced diver. Highly recommended.

    Joanna Aitkens

    Leicester, UK