DIRZone Stream 20 Ring System for Twinset diving 20kg Lift - 90019-5

DIRZone Stream Ring 20 compl ( 90019 + 90005 + 55002 )

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DIRZone Stream Ring 20 compl ( 90019 + 90005 + 55002 )

Set composed of the wing STREAMRING 20 and the stainless-steel backplate 3 mm. Just fasten double tanks and add a regulators and a diver. These Sets are just samples - build your own set from our whole productline! Lift capacity: 20 litre/ 44lbs

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Twinset Wings

Dive into the depths with unmatched stability and control using our premium Scuba Diving Twinset Wings, specially designed for the advanced recreational and technical diver. These twinset wings are engineered to provide the perfect balance and trim, allowing divers to navigate the underwater world with precision and ease. Constructed from high-quality, durable materials, our wings are resistant to the harsh marine environment, ensuring reliability and longevity for countless dives.

Our twinset wings feature an optimized lift capacity to accommodate the additional weight and size of twinsets, ensuring you remain perfectly trim at any depth. The streamlined design minimizes drag and allows for efficient movement through water, enhancing your diving experience. With adjustable harnesses and easy-to-access inflation and deflation mechanisms, these wings offer a custom fit and effortless buoyancy control. Whether exploring wreck sites or venturing into deep reefs, our Scuba Diving Twinset Wings are the ultimate companion for technical divers seeking to push the limits while prioritizing safety and comfort. Experience the difference in your next dive and explore with confidence.