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Dive Guide: SSI

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Dive Guide: SSI

The SSI Dive Guide can be taken as an SSI Recreational Specialty in its own right or as the first program on the Dive Professional career path.

The Recreational Specialty is perfect for the diver who naturally finds themselves as the one others look to, to lead a dive. This will equip you with the knowledge and skills to accept the role. You do not have to take the Active Status if you do not wish to be a professional.

The Recreational Specialty can also be taken from the age of 15. We know from experience some of our younger members have completed all other specialties are in limbo until they turn 18 and can become a Dive Pro. Now they can complete the course at 15 and upgrade to Professional status as soon as they turn 18.

This program gives you the skills and experience required to safely lead groups of certified divers, and is the first step towards an exciting career as an SSI Dive Professional without requiring you to complete an instructor program. Professional Dive Guides can work for SSI Dive Centres, guiding dives in a variety of environments and conditions. You will earn the SSI Dive Guide certification after completing this program.

What can SSI Dive Guides do?:

On successful completion of the program Dive Guides may guide certified divers on recreational scuba dives.

Active status Professional Dive Guides may also:

  • Teach the SSI Snorkelling program
  • Qualify for the SSI Divemaster rating on completion of the SSI Science of Diving Specialty Program.

What will I do as part of the SSI Dive Guide Course?

Complete the Candidate Water Fitness Evaluation

Attend a number of academic sessions with one of our SSI Professionals where you will

  • learn all about the role of a Dive Guide, such as how to be an effective group leader, legal and safety applications, identifying and managing stress, the components of a controlled dive briefing, dive plan and executing that dive. 
  • Deliver a Dive Briefing 
  • Deep and Night Dive Workshop

Complete a final written exam requiring a 90% pass score.

During confined water session you will

  • Perform all of the original open water skills to an  expert diver-level
  • Refine the following skills from your Stress and Rescue Course
    • Diver Rescue
    • Rescuing an Unconscious Diver
    • Missing Diver Search

During Open Water session(s) you will 

  • Demonstrate the following skills from your Stress and Rescue Course
    • Diver Rescue
    • Rescuing an Unconscious Diver
    • Missing Diver Search
  • Plan / guide and debrief a dive for a number of divers

Prior to certification have 50 logged dives totalling 32 hours or more.

Can the SSI Dive Guide course be completed as a fast track option?

Usually our Dive Guide candidates complete the course with us as an internship with progress led by your availability and commitment. However we are also able to offer the course as an intensive 5 day program just contact us to discuss.

What do I need to start the SSI Dive Guide Course?

  • Minimum Age: 15 or 18 for Professional active status
  • Certification Prerequisites: Diver Stress & Rescue certification or agency equivalent, 40 logged Dives totalling 25 hours or more
  • Certification or equivalent experience: Navigation, Night & Limited Visibility and Deep Diving.

Do I have to have my own Dive Equipment for the SSI Dive Guide Course?

The list of equipment you require is:

  • Full set of standard SCUBA equipment – Mask, fins, snorkel, BCD or Wing and regulator set with gauge
  • Air Cylinder – 2 recommended
  • Adequate Exposure protection – Drysuit
  • Dive Computer
  • Compass
  • Knife/Cutting device
  • 2 Surface signalling devices – 1 whistle and 1 DSMB
  • Slate and pencil
  • Torch

    During your training with us, we will loan you equipment you do not have as long as you hold the required qualification ie. Drysuit Diver to use a drysuit.

    If you wish to build up your personal dive kit we have lots of equipment packages from leading dive manufacturers available to purchase

    Course Price includes: -

    • Public Liability insurance whilst working and on a course with us
    • Training Packages available to gain additional specialiaities i.e. Search and Recovery) although available to Fast Track additional days will be required if open water dives required.
    • SSI Materials 471098 Dive Guide / Divemaster Package; and
    • SSI Mateirals 93700580 Dive Guide Kit

    Over and above the Intern Benefits are:-

    • On the job training with real customers and students
    • Learn to fill cylinders and maintain equipment
    • Have a dedicated Mentor
    • Work with real students and divers who want to go diving

    Any Other Costs?

    1. Entrance fees to training sites are not included
    2. SSI Professional Base Package

    What are my Next Steps after my SSI Dive Guide Course?

    On successful completion of the program Dive Guides may guide certified divers on recreational scuba dives.

    Complete the SSI Science of Diving Speciality program and then you have the pre-requisites for the SSI Divemaster programme at which point you can apply to become a Divemaster with all fees directly payable to SSI.

    To work in the UK you will also need and HSE Medical

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