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Halcyon Evolve

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Halcyon Evolve

Halcyon Evolve full system which consists of wing, backplate, harness and all the hardware you need. The Evolve's full-circular design allows for precise control of in-water buoyancy and trim while essential horizontal trim is easily accomplished through the addition of lift at the base of the cylinders.

The stainless steel or ali backplates and infinitely adjustable continuous harness fits divers of all sizes while the wings are available in 40lbs and 60lbs lift capacities depending on your needs. 40lbs wings are the most preferred option for UK twinset diving with/without stage bottles.

*Note: You can choose between the adjustable Cinch harness + hardware or the Halcyon standard 'DIR' harness and hardware. The backplate, harness, crotch strap (and cinch plate) will arrive fully assembled and require only to be mated with the wing after adjustments are made for size. The system is one-size-fits all and adjustable through the length of the webbing. Custom Colours are available, contact us for more information.

Halcyon Evolve MC System includes:

40lbs or 60lbs wing with LP hose

  • Stainless steel or aluminium backplate
  • Continues loop harness with stainless steel hardware
  • MC Storage Pak
  • Halcyon inner bladders are RF welded with a lifetime warranty on all seams.


Halcyon Evolve Wing

Halcyon Dive Systems raised the standard for precision buoyancy control with the release of the landmark Evolve double cylinder wing system and continues to be market leader in innovation, design and durability.

The Evolve's circular (elliptic doughnut) design allows for precise control of in-water buoyancy and trim. Horizontal trim is easily accomplished through the addition of lift at the base of the cylinders.

Available in 40lbs (18kg) and 60lbs (27kg) lift capacities.

While the typical doubles wing uses a horseshoe-shaped bladder, the Evolve draws its design inspiration from Halcyon's successful Eclipse circular bladder single-tank wing.

The Evolve builds upon Halcyon's dedication to designing gear for the advanced diver. The Evolve's development team focused on improvements in stability, buoyancy and trim control. Gas trapping on one side or the other of the wing is virtually eliminated.

Technical divers depend upon the ability to control buoyancy by venting gas from both the inflator and the rear over-pressure valve. The Evolve matches the Eclipse for ease of use of the rear over-pressure valve for venting gas during the dive. Wreck divers and cavers will immediately appreciate the Evolve's ease of buoyancy adjustment.

Because the Evolve's buoyancy cell circles the tanks, the wing has a much more streamlined profile than any other doubles wing on the market. It doesn't matter if you are swimming or scootering, the Evolve's profile cuts through the water with less drag and greater efficiency.

The Evolve has been extensively tested in every possible condition, from the tropics to the arctic, with aluminum and steel cylinders, with open circuit and with rebreathers. Halcyon has worked closely with its international testing team to refine the design to create the first breakthrough in doubles wing design in decades.

Upgrade Option- Halcyon Cinch Harness:

The Cinch redefines what it means to dive a backplate, building upon a platform of simplicity while providing unprecedented security and ease of adjustment.

Halcyon developed the Cinch to save divers time and effort while sizing, fine-tuning and resizing your diving harness. Now you can change suits or divers and adjust the Cinch in a flash; all this without compromising the harness integrity or our trademark, continuous piece of webbing.

Adjustments to the Halcyon Cinch occur by simply sliding the harness through a unique, patent pending assembly. Now divers can easily adjust the fit of their plate in or out of the water a simple push or pull is all it takes.

If you need a quick way to get out of your dive system; if you regularly change the thickness of your diving suit; or if you train new students in Halcyon rental equipment, this new invention will change the way you dive.

Cinch Harness System components include:

  • Cinch adapter plate
  • Halcyon Harness Webbing
  • Separate left-hip D-ring assembly
  • Extension bolt
  • Bolts kit four stainless steel bolts with weldmate nuts
  • Right-hip light retainer assembly
  • Weight pocket attachment (pair) which allow the secure harness webbing to slide freely without affecting the placement of the light, ACB or D-ring.
  • Quick adjust crotch strap Bent D-rings facilitate one-handed storage of accessories like Scout lights or stage bottles

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Our twinset wings feature an optimized lift capacity to accommodate the additional weight and size of twinsets, ensuring you remain perfectly trim at any depth. The streamlined design minimizes drag and allows for efficient movement through water, enhancing your diving experience. With adjustable harnesses and easy-to-access inflation and deflation mechanisms, these wings offer a custom fit and effortless buoyancy control. Whether exploring wreck sites or venturing into deep reefs, our Scuba Diving Twinset Wings are the ultimate companion for technical divers seeking to push the limits while prioritizing safety and comfort. Experience the difference in your next dive and explore with confidence.