Santi E.Motion Drysuits available at Dive Rutland
Santi E.Motion Drysuits available at Dive Rutland
Santi E.Motion Drysuits available at Dive Rutland
Santi E.Motion Drysuits Size Chart | Dive Rutland
Santi E.Motion +Drysuits avalable at Dive Rutland

Santi E.Motion +

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Santi E.Motion +

Santi E-Motion+ drysuit comes as optimal and ultimate combination of lightness and flexibility from E-Motion drysuit and E-Lite fabric exclusive durability in the places that it is needed. Both functionalities combined in modern and elegant cut provide the highest comfort and flexibility while diving.

E-Motion+ protects you where necessary, keeping the mobility during demanding decompression dives at the same time. E-Motion+ is also a perfect choice for beginners in recreational diving who appreciate highest comfort of the first moments spent underwater.

E-Motion+ design is based on the two flagship models: E-Motion and E-Lite, combining the greatest advantages of the used cut and fabrics to provide maximum protection at neuralgic places exposed to possible damage and best diving ergonomics.

E-Motion+ is available in 36 colour options that allow you to create a unique and elegant version of drysuit according to your own preferences.

E-Motion+ is equipped in standard with a new innovative SANTI Smart Seals® system! The only soft ring system that allow on very easy and quick exchange for any seals you freely on the move.

Features of the Santi E.Motion+ Drysuit

  • Total weight of 3.9 kg
  • Fabric Ripstop Nylon/Butylene/Polyester 235 gr/sqm and 535 gr/m2
  • Top part of drysuit and top front of trousers made of flexible fabric Ripstop of 235 gr/m2
  • Back of the trousers, crotch pad, lower part of front trousers, elbows, belly and lower back area are made of E-Lite fabric of 535gr/m2

In standard equipped with:

  • Grey chest, silver side gores, red piping,
  • Aquaseal zipper at the front,
  • Placement from the right shoulder to the left hip plastic zipper covered by an additional
  • Zip-fastened flap,
  • Latex neck seal insulated by 3mm Neoprene collar,
  • 7/9 mm Neoprene hood type collar,
  • Apeks inlet valve,
  • High-profile Apeks outlet valve,
  • Kevlar® knee pads,
  • System of rings SANTI Smart Seals® with silicone wrist seals provides easy exchange,
  • Two big and functional cargo pockets on thighs with bungee strings (right pocket
  • With a partition for wet notes and two smaller metal D-rings),
  • Both pockets have a useful additional zipper fastened pocket for double ender,
  • Internal suspenders with handy pocket,
  • Flexsole boots,
  • Medium pressure hose 75 cm,
  • STAY DRY travel bag – water repellent.

For MTM options please download and use this form Man / Woman. Together with this video. Or call +44 (0) 1572 868 450 to organise a time for a free personalised fitting experience.

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