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Scubapro HD Rock Boot

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Scubapro Heavy Duty Drysuit Diving Boots (also known as rock boots) are designed for all drysuits using neoprene socks and feature super heavy-duty materials to add penetration protection and grip to your feet.

These boots feature a lace up design that allows you to achieve a customised snug fit just like a normal pair of shoes or boots. The sole is made from a heavy duty high grip material that offers excellent traction whilst moving over wet surfaces. The soles extend over the toes and heel for additional reinforcement to the neoprene upper material. The heel section incorporates a fin strap keeper to eliminate strap slippage during the dive.

  • Lace-up design lets you quickly and easily achieve a snug, secure fit.
  • Heavy-duty ultra-grip sole protects the foot when traversing rocky shorelines.
  • Neoprene upper is ultra flexible, enhancing overall comfortable.
  • Toe and heel are reinforced with durable rubber caps to protect both boot and foot.
  • Heel cap features a fin strap keeper to eliminate slippage when engaged in aggressive kicking.
  • Boot comes with a water-draining mesh storage bag.

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