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SiTech Quick Neck set with Silflex neck seal and tool

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SiTech Quick Neck set with Silflex neck seal and tool

Introducing Quick Neck: The Ultimate Solution for Drysuit Neck Sealing

The SiTech Quick Neck set is a flexible, versatile, and comfortable set.  Quick Neck ensures your drysuit remains operational at all times, eliminating the hassle of costly and time-consuming repairs. As the most effective solution on the market for sealing the neck area of protective suits, Quick Neck is designed to optimize operational values for end-users across various applications, from diving drysuits to watersports garments.

Key Features:

  • Superior Flexibility: Quick Neck surpasses other sealing systems, such as Neck Tite, in flexibility, making it ideal for drysuits with thin fabric designs. Enjoy enhanced comfort and unrestricted movement patterns.

  • Preventative Security: A torn neck seal could jeopardize your dive experience. Quick Neck features a modular seal/quick-change system designed to prevent such incidents. Its revolutionary simplicity, comfort, and function allow users to replace a torn or broken seal within minutes using just one tool, saving frustration, time, and money.

Benefits for Dive Centers:

  • Versatility in Rental Gear: Dive centers equipped with Quick Neck in their rental drysuits can offer a single suit with multiple neck seal options/sizes, accommodating diverse clientele without the need for multiple suits.

Convenient Installation:

  • Factory Fitted or Replacement: Quick Neck can be factory-fitted to new drysuits or installed during neck seal replacement, providing convenience and flexibility for users and technicians alike.

Included Components:

  • Neck Seal: Available in black silicone or latex, the neck seal ensures a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Neck Ring: Facilitates the attachment of the neck seal to the drysuit.
  • Lock Ring: Secures the neck seal in place, preventing leaks and ensuring reliability.
  • Combi Tool: Simplifies the installation and replacement process, allowing users to perform maintenance with ease.

Upgrade your drysuit experience with Quick Neck and enjoy unparalleled convenience, comfort, and reliability on every dive. Say goodbye to worries about neck seal integrity and dive confidently into your next underwater adventure.

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