XDEEP Narrow Orange 140cm Closed SMB with 3M Solas Reflective Tape
XDEEP Narrow Yellow 140cm Closed SMB with 3M Solas Reflective Tape | Dive Rutland

XDEEP Closed DSMB narrow 140 cm long

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XDEEP Closed DSMB narrow 140 cm long

The XDeep Closed DSMB is a vital piece of safety equipment for any diver looking for maximum surface visibility while on a dive. This surface marker buoy is completely closed and ensures that the biggest visible area of the buoy is always visible on the surface.

The Closed DSMB will remain inflated at the surface even if tension is removed from the line and is made from strong orange or yellow nylon. This strong orange and yellow colour is highly visible even from a distance and the nylon material used is the same as is present in life jackets and signalling devices, so you know you’re getting a durable buoy.

There is also a strip of reflective SOLAS tape on the top of the DSMB to provide visibility in fading light and there is a handy clear section on the side which is perfect for storing a note or chemical light stick. Perhaps the most useful feature on the Closed DSMB is its ability to be turned into a life ring. Simply use the double ended bolt snap to connect the two ends and it will keep you afloat for hours.

Inflating the DSMB can be done through oral inflation or through the use of a drysuit hose. The hose method ensures a much larger volume of gas and means it will be as full as possible when it reaches the surface.

This version is 140cm in length and comes in orange or yellow,

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